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Flexitol Eczema & Psoriasis Cream Review

TweetThis is supposed to be an eczema treatment that is usable for children and adults. It is all natural and should be able to prevent the worst negative symptoms of eczema such as itching, burning, redness, swelling, and rash. Due to its nature as a homeopathic cure, this particular product provides you with a very […]

Exzemax Review

TweetThis product received really mixed reviews so I wasn’t sure if it was where I wanted to go in terms of lotion. Some say it is the best lotion they have ever used and some say it is an expensive waste of money. The price tag shows that the lotion is on the higher end, […]

Exzaderm Review

TweetThis product is one to be careful of as it has not been heavily reviewed by any reputable sites and the official sites for it are rife with spelling errors showing that whoever came up with it didn’t put much effort into their work. The product comes in a small tub like a lot of […]

Exederm Flare Control Review

TweetThis is a cream that comes in a very small bottle and seems to work a little differently from the standard creams and ointments out there. What is so exciting about this one is that it is supposed to be applied to prevent from flares occurring in the future, but the only problem I found […]

Exederm Baby Lotion Review

TweetThis is a product that comes in a standard lotion bottle. It is targeted towards children and is approved by the national eczema association. I had no idea what that meant at first, but apparently the criteria for being included in that registry is very rigorous. It is supposed to relieve dry, itchy, red, and […]

Vanicream Skin Cream Review

TweetThe Vanicream line takes the word vanity, and cream, and combines the two to make the word Vanicream. The word vanity usually has negative associations though, as this product should. It comes in many sizes, though the best bang for your buck would be the relatively huge 16 oz. or one pound tub of cream […]

Triple Cream Severe Dry Skin Review

TweetThis is a cream that comes in a small package and is targeted primarily towards children, but says that it can also work on any member of the family. Any product that says it works on babies’ skin and also works on skin of adults, you should be wary of. Most people that have used […]

TriDerma MD Eczema Fast Healing Review

TweetTriDerma is packaged in a generic looking box and the results offered are what could be expected from picking a generic brand on any cheap grocery store shelf. The bottle is only 2.2 oz. worth of treatment, meaning that if you have multiple household members that you want to treat, you can forget about it, […]

Peaceful Mountain Eczema Rescue Review

TweetThis product is supposed to be an anti-viral and anti-fungal alternative to getting rid of the negative symptoms associated with skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. There are no unnatural or unhealthy ingredients in this product to speak of and they actually help to reduce inflammation and also treat the skin so it is […]

Loma Lux Homepathic Medicine Eczema Review

TweetThis product comes in a bottle of one hundred tablets for the price of around a little less than 25 dollars. It is accepted by the FDA and unlike most pill treatments, has no negative side effects associated with it. It is simply a one dose a day pill without any complicated instructions associated with […]