Exzaderm Review

This product is one to be careful of as it has not been heavily reviewed by any reputable sites and the official sites for it are rife with spelling errors showing that whoever came up with it didn’t put much effort into their work. The product comes in a small tub like a lot of other skin treatments and is supposed to help deal with itching and scaly skin associated with eczema.


Product Details:

The manufacturers of Exzaderm state that their product contains the normal fare for products such as this, like shea butter and jojoba extract and plenty of other familiar elements. Nothing else in the product makeup suggests anything strange or unfamiliar.






Overall Impression:

While the product does contain elements that have been shown to help with eczema, the product itself has not been tested in the same way. Because elements of the formula and amounts vary, just because it has products inside it that treat eczema well, does not mean the lotion itself will. The products itself will help to moisturize your skin, but it doesn’t have anything with a lot of clinical strength to it, nor anything that has been proven to really effectively get rid of itching and redness. The makeup is very natural and mostly organic, but the site itself admits that it took great pains to eliminate any of the non natural elements that are used in other products which really reduces strength.

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recently i hv bought a bottle of exzaderm and after using it on my daughter for abt a week,i notice there is slight improvement on her skin. however after a trip of 3 days when we are back fm holiday, i notice that the flare came out more than usual expecialy on her face with rough and redness, pls adv what shud i do next. shud i continue to use exzaderm or stop immediately.

DO NOT waste your money on this product!!! This company does not stand by their “guarantee” and the morals of this company’s employees is to lie to customers!

First of all, one of the reasons I tried the product was due to the 90-day return policy. I ordered two bottles at approximately $40/bottle with a roughly $10.00 discount. The bottles were received with oily sides and no hermetic seal, which I should have informed the company about immediately.

I faithfully tried the product for 30 days on my problem skin with no results on the first bottle and contacted the company as instructed by their website for the return instructions. After contacting/emailing their company four times, I was finally given a return code and sent back both bottles to the Exzaderm.

I was informed via email that I would only be credited $39.95 as the second bottle was “opened.”

After speaking to a “Brad,” in the Returns Department upon receiving the credit notification, I was assured that the owner would be contacting me via email in regards to my issue the next day. Two days later, after receiving no email, I contacted the company again to find out there is no “Brad” in Returns and nothing had been documented in my file about my phone call with him.

Never again will I order anything from Netraceuticals.

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