Eczema Causes

To tell you the truth, there is little we actually know about the causes of eczema. Some scientists will outright refuse to correlate eczema to any kind of evidence because all of it is so inconclusive. One theory that is somewhat worth considering because of its link asthma, a much better understood disease, is the hygiene hypothesis. This is the idea that eczema and other conditions that we have little explanation for are caused by growing up in an excessively sterilized environment.

It’s funny to think that the reason that you might be experiencing eczema is because you were too clean. But the truth is the fault relies more with your parents if you are still suffering from eczema as an adult. When you are developing as an infant it is actually very important for you to get sick as much as possible. When you get sick, though it is pretty awful at first, your antibodies will develop early associations with viral and bacterial contaminants and the better training they get with dealing with sickness early on, the easier it will be to fight off the contaminants that cause eczema as an adult.

So do we know what actually causes eczema? The answer is an unfortunate no. While some theorize that it may come from infection due to dust mite excrement, there is simply not enough evidence to say whether that is a sure cause or not. However, with this hygiene hypothesis, researchers can successfully say that whatever does cause you to get eczema, it is better that you are exposed to it at an early age. This is likely why so many cases of eczema end up going into a kind of remission once children that exhibit symptoms reach puberty.

So how do we prevent ourselves from getting this itchy scratchy nuisance? Without knowing what causes it, it is difficult for us to find out how we would go about preventing ourselves from coming down with it. However, there are many ways to make flare-ups and all of the other inconveniences that define eczema become significantly less painful and noticeable such as the products offered at sites like

This solution allows anyone that puts it on to be free of those itchy scaly bumps that break out on their skin once their eczema flares up again. While it is not a cure, it is a great way to treat any issues that may present themselves, and it sure packs a lot more of a punch than a regular bottle of lotion. A bottle of lotion is, believe it or not, the usually prescribed treatment for complications from eczema. While lotion is nice and does present a cooling feeling to the skin, it is only temporary. Any solution is temporary as the disease is labeled “incurable,” but lotion only lasts until the lotion well, rubs off. The specially designed creams are made to penetrate the skin and help regenerate the dead and dying skin cells suffering from the effects of eczema, working from the outside in, and then the inside out. What more could you want from a bottle of skin cream?

While we may not know the causes of eczema, we do know ways to help prevent it. And if that doesn’t work, thanks to the products such as those offered on, we can effectively treat it.

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