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Eczema is a rough disease, literally. Affecting just about 1 in 9 people in varying forms of intensity, eczema is known to make the skin itchy, scratchy, red and painful. Scratching of afflicted areas can lead to bloodiness as well, not to mention exacerbating the condition further. Some unlucky folks will find themselves having very visible reactions, particularly on their hands. While it isn’t exactly comfortable to have inflammation anywhere on your body, having it on the hands is probably the worst place you can get it. Not only does it make you look like a burn victim, but it also just makes it hard to do anything with your hands at all. And you can forget about ever participating in a handshake when you’re in the midst of an outbreak. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some relief?

Even if you are one of the few percent that happens to have lower intensity breakouts on average than other people that suffer from eczema, it is equally unfair to have to deal with the consequences, when there’s really little you can do to prevent eczema. It is a disease that most people are born with and it is an affliction that flares up in unpredictable patterns. Some people wait years in between medication cycles because they hardly have to deal with it, and some have to rub lotion on themselves every day.

For those people that have their hands stricken with eczema though, it is especially rough. No matter where you are or what you do, your hands are a powerful tool of a social lifestyle. You use them to hold things, to pass things from yourself to others, to gesture during conversation. To do just about anything that requires any more effort than jogging, we need to use our hands. And when your hands start to feel discomfort, you can sit back and watch the rest of your day crumble around you. Stopping to scratch yourself too frequently is socially unacceptable, and in a spot so clearly visible, people will be afraid to touch you as soon as they see it.

Some people recommend that you carry lotion around with you, but for someone with high intensity outbreaks, taking a restroom break at work every couple of hours just isn’t acceptable. Contemporary researchers think they may have found a solution that will really stick though. And that solution can be found in a simple bottle.

Providers such as offer a product that has been developed and tested by medical professionals, and that is sure to help in the fight against eczema. Doing much more than a standard dollop of lotion, medicated creams such as this one will actually help to regenerate the affected layers of skin that are being eroded by the disease. In addition to that, with a strict daily application regimen, most of these creams can promise treatment of all kinds of eczema related issues. While lotion may be good for a quick cool down, if you are looking for real relief, put down the squeeze bottle and move on to the cream with some kick to it.

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