Can I Help My Infant Suffering From Eczema?

One of the toughest things a new parent can face is seeing their baby infected with something. For adults, solving the problem is as simple as going to the drug store and buying whatever medication seems to cure whatever symptoms you’re feeling, but for babies the solution is much more complicated. Babies, being unfortunately without the ability of speech, can cry and moan and scream to communicate to their parents that there is an issue, but the process of solving it, and finding out what symptoms they are exhibiting is all up to the parents.

This can be a really tough and stressful job, as things like coughing and wheezing are already so inherent in a child’s biological vocabulary that these events may go unnoticed, but if you happen to notice your child’s skin developing a rash, either pink or red in color, that may be described as bumpy or scaly, and you see them try to scratch at it often, it is likely that they are suffering from eczema.

When you realize this, the most important thing is not to panic. Many parents that are unfamiliar with the term might work themselves into fainting just because their baby has a disease they’ve never heard of before. Actually, if you’re unfamiliar with eczema at this point, you should probably be more worried for yourself for not having that information, since it is one of the most common types of skin diseases next to chicken pox.

Eczema is a disease, whose symptoms include those described above, itchiness and redness of the skin, scaly and bumpy marks all over the skin, as well as bloodiness if the rash gets too out of control. At this time there is no known cure, although scientists and researchers are working every day to figure out how to treat existing cases with products such as the one offered at and other retailers.

If you see your child begin to exhibit these symptoms, it is safe to say that this is probably what’s wrong with them, though you should get a second opinion from a medical professional just to be safe. Once diagnosed with eczema, thoughts can start to circulate around hopelessness. After all it is a disease labeled incurable, and lasts from birth until death. However, the cream offered on and similar products aim to keep the harmful effects of eczema at bay with a formula designed to help restore damaged skin and lessen the impact of future outbreaks for as long as the application lasts.

Sure you may not be able to get a shot and immediately have your child cured, but it couldn’t hurt to rub a little cream on them in order to make sure they stop exhibiting symptoms at least temporarily. And actually, though the disease is technically incurable, there are many people that only suffered through eczema in childhood and got much fewer outbreaks as they grew into adulthood.

The answer to the question posed at the beginning is a resounding “Yes.” There is something you can do to help your child get through that rash, and by trusting a product crafted by medical professionals you’re guaranteeing yourself much greater results than if you just stuck with a regular old bottle of Jergen’s.

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