Can I Help My Infant Suffering From Eczema?

TweetOne of the toughest things a new parent can face is seeing their baby infected with something. For adults, solving the problem is as simple as going to the drug store and buying whatever medication seems to cure whatever symptoms you’re feeling, but for babies the solution is much more complicated. Babies, being unfortunately without […]

Clobetasol Comparison

TweetWith a word like clobetasol in the title, you’re probably only reading this because you already know what the stuff is. And if you’re already familiar with clobetasol, then you’re probably also a part of an exclusive club where only 1 in 9 people are admitted. If you guessed that it’s because you probably have […]

Options in Eczema Treatments

TweetIf you’ve managed to happen upon this article, then you’re probably someone that suffers from that irritating skin disease known as eczema. Don’t be ashamed to admit it either, after all, statistics stating that about 1 in every 9 people suffers from some form of eczema should make you feel a little more confident that […]