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If you’ve managed to happen upon this article, then you’re probably someone that suffers from that irritating skin disease known as eczema. Don’t be ashamed to admit it either, after all, statistics stating that about 1 in every 9 people suffers from some form of eczema should make you feel a little more confident that you’re not the only one.

For those out there who are unfamiliar with eczema, or just want to read on because they are curious, eczema is a term used to describe a dermatological condition whereupon the sufferer is afflicted with rash, bumps, itchiness, swelling, redness, and in severe cases, bleeding in various areas all over the skin. Of course every case varies in areas affected as well as intensity. Some people find scaly red skin covering almost their entire body, while others experience a mild pinkness and maybe have to scratch a bit more. There are even some people out there that have only certain parts of their bodies affected by the disease such as the hands or the chest.

After all that has been said though, the truth of the matter is, there isn’t a whole lot that we really understand about eczema. Medical nomenclature makes it difficult enough to understand. It almost seems as if doctors rewrite the book on skin conditions yearly, constantly coming up with new ways to classify eczema and different types of pigeonholes to shove in those who are affected by it.

Eczema is currently categorized as incurable. While doctors try to claim that they do know several cures for eczema, this is only a testament to how complicated their legal jargon is. These forms of eczema that they speak of are usually just fancy terms for good old fashioned contact rashes. Come into a doctor’s office after you get poison ivy, they tell you to rub on some lotion, and then congratulate themselves for curing another case of “eczema” when they’re really just allowing nature to take its course and let it get better on its own.

The reason that eczema is incurable is because doctors don’t know where it comes from. How can they possibly find out a way to beat it without knowing its origin? Some scientists say that it could possibly be related to dust mite excrement, but further research should be performed before this can be confirmed. While no causes are known, one thing that facilitates the growth of eczema is having an overly sterilized childhood.

If your parents were neat freaks, and emptied every laundry basket before it had the chance to really pile up, if they cleaned toilet bowls on a daily basis, if they showered twice a day or more, then it’s likely that their habits are what caused you to grow up with eczema. While it is not known what causes eczema, it is a prominent medical fact that the earlier you are exposed to sickness as a child, the better chance you will have of fighting it off in your older age, because your body will have developed the correct antibodies to deal with it. Had you been exposed to whatever causes eczema as a child, sure you may have contracted it, but your body would have a better chance of fighting it off that way. This is why so many people that had eczema as children lose it when they grow up. Some people are unlucky enough to just be born with it though, and for those people it usually lasts a lifetime.

Even though doctors cant sure the disease, researchers have come a long way towards finding ways to treat it. Some will say that simply rubbing lotion on you is your best bet while others will give you a list of old home remedies. Different things work for different people, but as far as eczema is concerned, the placebo effect isn’t going to help you out too much in this case. There are plenty of lotions out there that say they treat eczema, but really just about any lotion can claim that. Most lotions give off a cooling sensation when applied to the skin and that in itself can be considered a form of treatment. However if you are reading this looking for a serious product that has the real strength necessary to help regenerate damaged skin and soothe swelling, look no further than eczemaderm.com, one site in particular that is known for quality.

There are plenty of formulas that companies say will make your eczema vanish. But unlike the others, the product on eczemaderm.com has actually been tested by real pharmacists and is researcher and consumer approved. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been around the ball park a few times in terms of what you know about your eczema. Why don’t you treat yourself to something special this time around? Better yet, treat your skin.

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